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AICOM Solutions

Agency,Employer: AICOM Solutions
Sectors: Internet,IT,Telecomms
Company description: AICOM® (ey-kom) Corporation is a Top-100 Global Outsourcing company that provides diversified solutions and services by leveraging on our key strength -- our Global Knowledge Workforce. From our offshore center in the Philippines to onsite teams in US and Canada, AICOM provides outsourced services in IT and BPO to clients worldwide. We help reduce cost, improve organizational flexibility, accelerate time-to-market, and deliver cost-effective world-class quality services. As a subscriber to ISO 9000, CMMi, and Six Sigma practices, we are able to place ourselves in equal footing with the industry giants in terms of innovation and effectiveness of our solutions. These practices ensure quality processes are applied across all business programs of our customers. Careers at AICOM Our business runs on fresh ideas. Staying on the crest of Internet economy demands originality, creativity, and ingenuity. That's why AICOM recruits exceptional people. The kind of people whose professional and technical finesse are fueled by imagination. We've created a workplace where inventiveness flourishes, where employees are encouraged to express their vision, their ideas, their leadership. We can only be the best when we hire and keep the best! Our expectations: * Professional commitment to a job well done * Integrity in everything you do * Passion for your work * Desire to advance your career What we offer: * Challenging assignments * Workplace diversity * Continuous learning * Flexible work environment * Competitive compensation * Career Advancement
Address: Suite 1500, 5650 Yonge St., Toronto, ON. M2M 4G3
City: Toronto
Area: Abroad
Company Type: Other
Business Nature: Other
Last Logged on: 24 June 2009

Jobs at AICOM Solutions

Customer Acceptance Testers - Abroad

Role: 1. Perform application verification for different markets. Collect and compile test resu ... [Details]

Quality Assurance - Abroad

Description The Quality Assurance ensures that all processes contributing to the performance of a c ... [Details]

Field Tester - Abroad

Role: 1. Perform field test within defined scope. Collect and compile test results and log files ... [Details]

Network Engineer - Abroad

ROLE-SPECIFIC COMPETENCIES Networking • Understands the issues involved with administerin ... [Details]
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